Welcome to Knysna Paradise Guesthouse!!!

Welcome to Knysna Paradise Guesthouse! We are busy building our website and more info to come!!!

We are open for business and you can book online!

Knysna is a beautiful coastal town on the Garden Route!!! Knysna heads are famous as some of the best viewpoints in the garden route and therefore it’s a great place to stop! Knysna has a rich history of being a tourist hotspot but it also has some old logging history in the country!!! Garden Route visits is not complete without a stop in Knysna! paradise is really well located next to N2 and lastly the waterfront!!! It is also 20 km from Sedgefield and Bafulo bay!


Breakfast included with cereals, fruits, toast, eggs, and yoghurt!

Great breakfast included and we really give you value for money! Knysna Paradise Guesthouse is newly built after the fires!!!

Internet that is reliable and fast!!!

We have great internet at the Paradise Guesthouse! You can connect and use it as long as you please while you stay! It is uncapped internet too that you can stream as well!!!


We are busy working on making the website better with more info etc!!!